Bletchley, No.56, 12th September 2009 w/ The Singing Loins


Bedford, The Bear, 3rd June 2010
Oxford, The Chester Arms, 4th June 2010 w/ Les Clochards
Gillingham, The Barge, 5th June 2010 w/ The Singing Loins
Bedford, Danny’s Bar, 25th June 2010 w/ Ouse Valley Singles Club
Bletchley, No.56, 10th July 2010 w/ Les Clochards
Bedford, The Pad, 15th October 2010 w/ Ouse Valley Singles Club
Bedford, The Bear, 30th October 2010
Bury St. Edmunds, All Saint’s Church Hall, 20th November 2010 w/ Bounty Hounds


Bedford, The Bear, 24th March 2011
Bedford, Corn Exchange, 1st April 2011 w/ Alabama 3 acoustic / Clare Nicolson
Cublington, NCC Field, 22nd April 2011
Bedford, The Wellington Arms, 5th May 2011
Bedford, The King’s Arms, 20th May 2011
Cambridge, The Portland Arms, 17th June 2011
Bletchley, No.56, 9th July 2011 w/ Ouse Valley Singles Club / Devereux
Woburn Sands, Summerlin Centre, 10th September 2011
Baldock, The Orange Tree,  11th September 2011
Bedford, The Bedford Arms, 25th September 2011 w/ Devereux
Bedford, The Wellington Arms, 13th October 2011 w/ Devereux
Carlton, The Fox, 26th November 2011 w/ Devereux
Brentford, St. Paul’s Church, 3rd December 2011 w/ Bitter Springs / Terry Edwards


Leighton Buzzard, The Wheatsheaf, 20th January 2012 w/ Devereux
Oxford, The Chester Arms, 28th January 2012 w/ Devereux
Bedford, The Bear, 16th February 2012
Bedford, Esquires, 30th March 2012 w/ Mark Moriss / Rebecca De Winter
Oxford, The Chester Arms, 31st March 2012
Bedford, The Pad, 21st April 2012
Bedford, The Wellington Arms, 5th May 2012 w/ Devereux
Bury St. Edmunds, No, 53 3rd June 2012
Hitchin, ROTW Festival,14th July 2012 w/ The Damned / Tom Hingley / Little Axe
Bedford, The Bedford Arms, 5th August 2012v w/ Devereux
Baldock, The Boot, 8th September 2012 w/ Ragged Staff / Cattle Barons
Bedford, Russell Park Pavilion, Oxjam Fundraiser, 9th September 2012
Milton Keynes, The Open University Pavilion, 28th September 2012 w/ Fatbwoi
Cambridge, The Elm Tree, 30th September 2012
Bedford, The Kings Arms, 6th October 2012 w/ The Singing Loins
Bedford, The Pad, 27th October 2012 w/ CC Smugglers / Ouse Valley Singles Club
Cambridge, The Elm Tree,  16th December 2012
Bedford, The Bear, 20th December 2012 w/ Devereux

Huntingdon, The Three Tuns, 9th February 2013
Bedford, Holy Moly’s, 2nd March 2013 w/ The Bitter Springs
Bedford, The Kings Arms, 18th May 2013 w/ Les Clochards
Farcet Fen, The Plough, Curious Yellow Weekend,  7th July 2013 w/ The Pickering Brothers
Farcet Fen, The Plough, The Blyth Power Ashes, 26th August 2013 w/ Blyth Power
Carlton, The Fox, Carlton Beer Festival, 30th August 2013
Cambridge, The Elm Tree, 15th September 2013
Bedford, Esquires, Looking For Prince Charles’ Dog, 4th October 2013 w/ Whybirds
Huntingdon, The Three Tuns, 23rd November 2013 w/ Marka

Hitchin, Club 85, 8th February 2014 w/ Hooligan Drum Circle / Shadowstrike / Adamantium
Fenny Stratford, The Swan Hotel, 21st February 2014
Stevenage, Red Lion, 14th March 2014 w/ Jim Ferris
Bedford, Holy Moly’s, 22nd March 2014 w/ The Bitter Springs / Rastko
Cambridge, The Elm Tree, 6th April 2014
Harlington, Hillfest, St. Mary’s Church, 26th April 2014
Baldock, The Engine, Sounds Of Balstock, 10th May 2014
Cambridge, The Portland Arms, NMG Sessions, 22nd May 2014
London, 12 Bar Club, 30th May 2014
Welwyn Garden City, The Green Room , 31st May 2014 w/ Jesus Hooligan
Bedford, The Bear 6th June 2014
London, The Big Red, Holloway Road, 4th July 2014
Newton Longville, MK17 Festival,, 6th July 2014
Fenny Stratford, The Swan Hotel, 11th July 2014
Hitchin, ROTW Festival, 2nd August 2014
Farcet Fen, The Blyth Power Ashes, The Plough, 25th August 2014 w/ Blyth Power
Baldock, The Engine, Balstock Festival, 12th September 2014
Stevenage, The Red Lion, 2nd October 2014 w/ Peter Guy
Bedford, Corn Exchange, Bedford Beer & Cider Festival, 11th October 2014
Bedford, Holy Moly’s, Oxjam Takeover, 18th October 2014
Cambridge, The Elm Tree, 9th November 2014
Bedford. The Bear, 19th December 2014
Aylesbury, Ex-Servicemen’s Club, 20th December 2014 w/ Feckin Ejits / Black Juju

Hitchin, Club 85, 11th January 2015 w/ The Astronauts (duo) / Smige
Welwyn Garden City, The Green Room, 28th February 2015 w/ Jesus Hooligan / Billy Skin’s 5th
Bedford, Holy Molys, 14th March 2015 w/ Blyth Power / Jesus Hooligan
Hitchin, Club 85, 20th March 2015 w/ Sleaford Mods
Cambridge, The Junction, 22nd March 2015 w/ Stiff Little Fingers / Electric River
Brighton, Green Door Store, 29th March 2015 w/ Rubella Ballet / Blyth Power / Pog / Asbo Derek
Cambridge, The Elm Tree, 12th April 2015 w/ Virgil De Voyde
Bedford, The Bear, 9th May 2015
Oxford, The Wheatsheaf, 22nd May 2015 w/ Vic Godard & Subway Sect  / Les Clochards
Cambridge, Midsummer Common, Strawberry Fair, 6th June 2015
Hitchin, ROTW Festival, 20th June 2015 w/ Smige / Steve White & The Protest Family / Scum Of Toytown
Bedford, The Faces, Oxjam Takeover, Busking Festival, 18th July 2015
Stevenage, Red Lion, 23rd July 2015 w/ Steph Scott
East Lulworth, Camp Bestival, 1st August 2015
Clifton Reynes, The Robin Hood, Free Spirit Festival, 8th August 2015
Moggerhanger, St. John's Hospice, Busk Till Dusk Festival, 8th August 2015
Wolverton, Craufurd Arms, 30th September 2015 w/ Slice Of Life
Hitchin, Club 85, 4th October 2015 'We Shall Overcome' w/ TV Smith / The Astronauts (Duo)
Bedford, Holy Moly's, Oxjam Takeover, 24th October 2015
Bury St. Edmunds, 53 Bennett Avenue, 7th November 2015
Milton Keynes, Kiln Farm, MK11, 19th November 2015 w/ Smokey Bastard

Fenny Stratford, The Swan Hotel, 22nd January 2016
Letchworth, David's Record & Book Shop, 5th March 2016,
Bedford, Cavalier Club Barber Shop. 20th April 2016 w/ Hot Dead Rats
Cambridge, The Elm Tree, 2nd June 2016
Welwyn Garden City, The Green Room, 9th July 2016 w/ Steve White & The Protest Family /  The Tuesday Club / Fay Brotherhood
Longdon, Tewkesbury, The Hunters Inn, Blyth Power Ashes, 29th August 2016 w/ Blyth Power/ Peaky Blinders
Leytonstone, Ex-Servicemen's Club, 15th October 2016 w/ Steve White & The Protest Family / Sgt. Buzfuz
Oxford, Mad Hatter, 18th November 2016 w/ Les Clochards


Oxford, The Wheatsheaf, 7th April 2017 w/ Papa Nui / Earinade / Steevo Nuissier

Fenny Stratford, Swan Hotel, 5th May 2017

Bury St Edmunds, 53 Bennett Avenue, 3rd June 2017

Longdon, Tewkesbury, The Hunters Inn, Blyth Power Ashes, 27th August 2017 w/ Blyth Power / Pog / Boatless Maniacs etc.

Bedford, Holy Molys, Oxjam Takeover, 28th October 2017 w/ Hulkenberg ++


Baldock, The Orange Tree, Nick & Anne's 125th Birthday Bash, 7th April 2018 w/ Rowan's All Stars

Hitchin, The Victoria, ROTW Fringe, 12th August 2018

Longdon Tewkesbury, The Hunters Inn, Blyth Power Ashes, 26th August 2018 w/ Blyth Power / Boatless Maniacs / Commie Faggots +++


Cambridge, The Elm Tree, 17th March 2019

Bedford, Danny's Bar, 20th July 2019 w/ Oldfield Youth Club / Skimmington Ride